Nature Affirmations

Nature Affirmations

Nature Affirmation product range :

Abundance Affirmation cards and crystals

Abundance Affirmation cards and crystals

Nature affirmation information

If you need an energy boost, the best place to get it is outside. According to a study done at the University of Rochester, being in the presence of nature for just 20 minutes a day significantly boosted vitality levels, such as mood and energy.

Affirmations are positive statements said in the present moment to affirm a truth, offer encouragement and invoke a new feeling and way of being.

Nature connection has also been proven to reduce stress, increase cognitive functioning, reduce depression, enhance beneficial social interactions, contribute to feelings of happiness & contentment and promote mindfulness,

We are born out of nature, dependent on nature and we are nature. However so many of us  have increasingly become separated from the natural world.

This greater sense of vitality don’t translate simply to more energy for work and play; it also means people are more resilient to illnesses. “One of the pathways to health may be to spend more time in natural.

Breathing clean air is essential to healthy living. Although air pollution is attributable to larger forces than me, I do what I am able to disassociate from polluting activities.

As well as a personal affirmation, the cards are a message from the natural world and an invitation for you to connect with the nature around you. They are the voice of nature speaking to you and through you.

I have included some nature affirmations please use them regularly :

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